Therapeutic Care


Each person is unique, and therefore responds to treatment differently. Healing times vary between people, and other factors often influence how a person responds to care. The type of work a person does, individual stress levels, weight, and other health problems must be considered when someone seeks chiropractic care. Each person’s care has to be designed especially for his or her needs – it’s not a “one size fits all” kind of care.

Pain Reduction – Initial Intensive Phase

Our first goal in restoring your health is to reduce your pain and improve your function to a tolerable level. During the Initial Intensive Phase, it’s necessary to treat you frequently. We expect a significant amount of pain reduction within two weeks. If this is not the case, then further evaluation and/or treatment plan modification will be made, or a referral if necessary. Two weeks is a short period of time considering that most problems take years to develop. Some people take longer than others to achieve relief from pain, but once you are beginning to feel better, you must be very careful not to be overzealous and push yourself to “over do it.” Aggravating your condition by over doing it can slow the healing process.

Improvement of Function – Rehabilitative Phase

Once pain has been reduced, we will begin the rehabilitation phase of treatment. By restoring optimal strength and flexibility, the function of your neuromuscular skeleton will be improved. During this phase you should be able to perform most normal daily activities without frequent aggravation of symptoms. A home exercise program is recommended to help strengthen and balance your body. In this phase of care, your treatment frequency will begin to decrease and your self-treatment responsibilities will increase. We must be a team working together towards the goal of improving your health.

Maintaining Your Health – Wellness Phase

Once you have reached your maximum level of function and improvement, our final goal is to maintain your health. The Wellness Phase of care is perhaps the most important service we provide our patients. Periodic examinations allow for early detection of joint and muscle dysfunction before they become painful. If allowed to go undetected and untreated, minor dysfunction can develop without symptoms until they are aggravated by work habits, lifestyle activities, or other stress factors. Many times people will invest a tremendous amount of time and energy into obtaining better health just to let it slip away by not maintaining it. Early detection and treatment are important to cost-effective health care. Make the most of your investment in your health by getting regular wellness care.