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Wellness and Prevention

Chronic illness is NOT caused by bad genes, bad cells, or bad luck. Chronic illness is caused by bad lifestyle choice, bad living environments and bad healthcare advice. The ONLY way to prevent or recover from chronic illness, to get or stay well, is to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. So how does chiropractic help maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Whether you are getting treated for headaches, low back pain, or anything in between, there are a number of ways chiropractic can help your overall health. When you take care of your nervous system, your entire body can benefit. This is why there are so many great benefits of chiropractic care that the average person doesn’t even know about. Here are some of the best benefits of chiropractic care that could help improve your life.

Relieve Stress

When your nervous system is out of line and your entire muscular and skeletal systems are not in the proper position, chances are your entire body will feel out of line. This can cause a great deal of mental and physical stress on your body. Once you have been balanced, your body will immediately feel less tense, and this message of relaxation will also go straight to the brain. Once you are adjusted you will find yourself much more equipped to manage stress.

Improve Posture

Over time, regular chiropractic adjustments can help align tilting and curves in your spine and help you improve your posture. This can be particularly beneficial when it comes to the curve in your neck. Many people develop neck issues younger than ever, due to their constant position sitting in front of a computer screen or hunched over a phone. With regularly chiropractic care you can improve this posture and stand taller and stronger.

Improve Your Mood

When you get adjusted, you are balancing your body’s entire system. This includes your body’s chemistry. This means that those who are suffering from certain chemical imbalances often benefit from chiropractic care. Many people dealing with depression can see an improvement in their mood with regular chiropractic care. Many individuals with ADHD have also seen great benefits with regular adjustments.

Improve Your Immune System

When you get adjusted, your chiropractor is removing  subluxations that are preventing your nervous system from working properly. Your nervous system is in charge of sending and receiving information, including sending information to and from your immune system. Keeping your nervous system working properly keeps your immune system working properly, meaning your immune system will start working better and you will start recovering from illnesses faster.

Improve Your Sleep

So many Americans today suffer from sleep related issues. However, most of these sleep problems are related to pain, stress and body aches. Taking care of these issues with regular chiropractic care can help any individual improve their sleep quality and get the rest they need every night.

Even if you are already seeing a chiropractor for a certain ailment, or just for overall wellness, it is important that you remember these benefits as they can be helping you live the happy, healthy, well-adjusted life that you deserve.

Take a Look at the Research

Consider this study of chiropractic patients over 65 yrs old who had received 5 yrs or more of “maintenance care” vs. healthy people of the same age:


  • Chiropractic patients spent only 31% of the national average for health care
  • They had 50% less medical provider visits
  • Their health habits were radically better then overall populations
  • They had far less cigarette consumption
  • 98.5% believed that care to be considerably or extremely valuable

Chiropractic/wellness patients had:

  • 60.2% fewer hospital admissions
  • 59% less days hospitalized
  • 62% less outpatient surgeries
  • 85% less pharmaceutical costs

Chiropractic care hasn’t only been proven to help reduce back pain, it’s also been shown to help improve the function of your body and can save you thousands of dollars in health care costs.

source: Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics

What are some preventative measures I can take?

  • Regularly consume anti-inflammatory foods

  • Get 30 minutes of physical activity a day

  • Meditate 10 minutes each day.

  • Get adequate sleep

  • Drink more water

  • Eat Organic